Friday, August 21, 2015

Kids Cooking

In our home, we let the kids cook.  They also help with dinner too.  they are wanting to explore recipes of their own as well.  Sometimes this is good, sometimes, not so much.  And now, they check out cook books at the library so they can experiment.  Logan's birthday is this weekend and Irina checked out a cookbook today and he picked out his own cake for her to make him.  Hope it tastes as good as it looks.

Max chopping up onions.  I think we were making spaghetti sauce that evening.  This kitchen has lots of space to cook and move around in which is nice. 

Irina browning the meat.

Dessert.  Sort of.  Logan decided to make popcorn but didn't want plain popcorn.

He saw a recipe for something a bit different.  So, marshmallows went in to the popcorn.

And then some chocolate syrup went into the bowl.  Reni making sure enough was put on there.

And more chocolate syrup of course.  LOL.  But, I think it is wonderful they all want to cook something and not just desserts.  Logan and Max really do grill a lot of our food.  Irina has been cooking a lot and starting to teach Reni and Isabelle.  Though, I have to do some fill in as we tend to double or triple recipes.  Great for working on those math skills though.  Tomorrow, all are prepping for the pork fried rice Warren is making for dinner that evening.  

Need to head to bed.  Nate is asleep.  Others are in bed.  I need to finish that never ending pile of paperwork but it will get done.  Turning in kids' 4-H papers and calling some doc offices.  Speech eval team is coming out this coming Monday for all the kids here that need speech.  Excited to get started but will miss our old therapist dearly.  Hope this one can handle us all.  LOL.  Many more posts forthcoming.  House happenings as well.  

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