Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Frugal Fixes

In this house, we have to be frugal.  It's just fact with big families.  You try to make the money go further.  Even more so nowadays given our current housing situation (completely different post).  That being said, we save whenever or wherever we can. 

I had written the Coleman company and told us the experience we had this summer w/ our brand new tent leaking.  So, they sent us three bottles of seam sealer and waterproof tape.  Kids set up the tent and then Max sealed it up.  It should be very good to go for the next trip expected in October.  Our annual Halloween camping trip.  We thought about cancelling but only two hours away, paid for already, and a full tank of gas in the RV.  No reason not to go.  We have so much fun there every single year meeting new folks and old ones.

My kids have been begging for sand since we moved to the new house.  I found out recently from a friend that Lowes puts their busted bags of sand out for $1 a bag!  Score.  Summer, Sofie and Nik were elated and played in there for hours.  And now, playing even more.  Love it and so do they.  Found out Lowes also does the same with concrete and potting soil.

A friend gave us a steering wheel for the playground.

Max installed it and kids of course love it.  So now, kids have a ton to do on the playground and truly use it every single day.  And this deck/ paint repair stain is the best.  A friend gave us that as well and both playsets got painted and now look brand new.  Awesome.  And now, weather repellent.  Little touches we're doing to make it better and most have been very low cost (like the sand) or free.  Waiting to find a deal on swings as they really do need replacing.  Not all but some.  So happy we have this set up that the kids love though and use every day. 

We needed a big space to combine both swingsets.  Summer climbs anywhere.

This is when we discovered the tarp is the wrong size.

No worries though, my kids were going to make it work somewhere, somehow.  Nice that they were working together to get it done.  

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