Saturday, August 22, 2015

Friends are the Best

So we have been going back and forth working on our old house to fix it up.  Was unkept and rather disgusting.  Hard to see your home like that that you loved w/ all your heart and soul.  But, we must carry on so fixing it up.  Meantime, every time we have been back there, friends have stopped by to either say hello, bring us stuff like fresh lemonade or drinks, or even help out.  It has been wonderful

When working last weekend, a friend and her son came to help.  He helped by keeping mine entertained.  

So, they all sat down to share a Coke and a smile.

Their friend Dimitri is one of the little boys I used to babysit for.  My kids love him to pieces!

They were just all so happy together.  they treat him like one of their own brothers.  It's awesome to see.

I came outside at one point to find this.  Everyone just gathered round chit chatting.

Sharing a few stories, a few laughs, catching up.

One of the boys' friends gave Logan a ride on the dirt bike.

They all watched as he drove around the yard.  Was nice to see.  Almost like they were watching a movie.  It was peaceful, relaxing after all the hard work that day.  Sun was shining.

They were learning something new about the dirt bike.

It was more about just a dirt bike ride. It was friends stopping by to say hello.  It was the fact that people cared enough to do that.  Cared enough to help out.  Cared enough to bring drinks for us.  Cared enough just to say hello, we haven't forgotten you.  I think that was great for the kids to experience.  We have to go back this weekend.  Tomorrow in fact.  People have already said they'd stop by and say hello.  Some, coming to help out.  Those are what true friends are.  Can not say we don't have great friends.  Can not say we don't miss them.  We all miss our old friends dearly.  Though some themselves were also moving away.  It is nice to know though, we will always have wonderful friends. 

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  1. Please don't write about what you posted on Facebook! I even went to look for you but too many Stephanie Boyds out there! You're making me jealous by telling us about things you did there! ;-) I've emjoyed reading your blog. Found it last week and read from the beginning. Here's to some surgery-free months!