Monday, August 24, 2015

Cleanning, cleaning and more cleaning

Lately, this family is sick and tired of cleaning.  No, seriously, we are.  With the nasty mess left to us at the last home, it has been a nightmare to clean it up and get it up to par for anyone to even live in there alone.  The stench is enough let alone the dirt.  So, doing all that, it is hard to come back home here and want to clean.  But, we press on and do what has to be done.  My kids really have been great through all this and my only regret is not being able to do something more special for them.  Hoping in a few months, we can do something special for the kids for all they've been put through, not by any of our doings.  That being said, still have to clean here.  So, thought I'd share some pics from this house.

With Nate, there is always something to clean up.

This is his new favorite thing.  Dump out all the dog food into the dog's water and stir it around.

None of us are too thrilled with Nate's new discovery.  Even Summer is cleaning it up.

Bojan spent two hours scrubbing down every piece of our old fridge.  Over two hours to do this.  Thinking closer to three.  When there are dead flies on shelves, stuff stuck on them, it takes time.  Sad part is, we did not make this mess.  Very frustrating but getting over it slowly.  Can't let someone else's wrong doing destroy the life you currently live.

Bojan did an awesome job.  The motor in the fridge was broken.  Was not broken when we moved out.  It's the motor to the ice maker/ water dispenser.  One of the reasons we brought the old fridge back to our new house.  Besides needing two fridges, needed ice b/c one here doesn't put out enough ice for us all.  Was very grateful for Bojan doing this  for us.

Alyona not too happy about me taking her picture.  She had just finished her cleaning job so was taking a quick break before starting another.

Alyona enjoying the picture taking a bit more here.

Isabelle and Alex were to wash the car.  I came out and only found Isabelle but she informed me Alex did one half, she did the other.  Hey, whatever works.

With having to travel back and forth to clean up the old house and yard, van has seen a lot of travel and dirt lately.  So, was time for a nice washing.  We do not like our cars messy.  Frankly, we can't have it messy or there's be no room for anyone. 

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  1. LOL. I wish I lived there, you and your community would definitely be helping us with our youcaring adoption bid! You just seem so loving and willing to help. God bless you all. PS. After reading through from the beginning, I was scared you'd slow down and not blog much. So glad to see more posts. Inspiring and just plain fun. And also informative too. My country (South Africa) has totally different ways of doing things so this opens my eyes.