Saturday, August 1, 2015

Bulgarian Reunion Festivities-- Bungee Jumping!

Well, the time had come to do the jump.  Some of my kids chickened out...Isabelle, Reni and Alyona.  Rest did it though including Nate.

Max was my first kid to try it.  

He actually got some height to him and was tense but slowly relaxed a bit more. It is higher than you think in the pictures btw.

Irina is my daredevil and loves rides like this so she was in her element.  Only had one picture of her that didn't turn out blurry.  

Nik getting ready to go up as well.

Nik doing his flip.

Nik up in the air again.

What was great was while the bungee was going on, the kids could go do crafts if they chose to.  

Bojan took off his leg to attempt this.  Was tough but he didn't do too badly.

Logan had fun from the start with this event as you can tell.

He's another one of mine that did a few flips here and there.  

Alex getting ready.  

And Alex is in the air!  

As you can tell, Sofie was just a tad tense.  She had very mixed feelings of whether she liked it or didn't.

Her look says it all.  She's about to have a blast with this thing!

 Summer laughed the entire time she was on this thing.  She absolutely loved it. 

 You know, we weren't even sure he would get in this thing.  But, he did and even allowed the operator to help him. 

 You must understand what a HUGE deal this is.  This is a kid who hates being confined by any type o fharness.  Took a lot for Nate to do this.

 Boy, he didn't want to get out.  He would not however let go of this poor guy's finger. 

Was hoping you can see his smile here.  He loves motion and being thrown up in the air.  Yet, doesn't like to swing.  Would use the baby swing when we first got him but never the other swingset swings.  Still to this day.  but loves to be tossed.  

Much more to come.  So, so much to say still.

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