Sunday, August 2, 2015

Bulgarian Reunion-- Alyona's Birthday

So, that Saturday in June was the 27th.  Alyona's birthday.  While we were at the farm wtih the little kids, the teens got to take a boat ride.  Kind of cool.  Back to her birthday though.  I had made arranagements a few weeks in advance to get a custom made cake for her 16th birthday.  Needed enough for 100 people.  Also made arrangements to pick it up the Friday I got there.  It was all a surprise until stupid Max ruined it!  URGHH!!!  Still mad about that one.  She was still elated with it all though so that's what counts.  Rainy daysweren't slowing us all down a bit that evening.  After a wonderful potluck dinner, we celebrated her birthday. 

I always have those dollar rain jackets for the kids and this was perfect weather for it.

Our friend Ana and Alyona hanging out at dinner.

Some of the kids checking out the cakes.  Bright colors just for her.

Sweet 16 it truly was Alyona!  Hard to believe.

They put her name on both cakes.

Look at that flower.  And boy, it was as delicious as it looks!

I do believe the birthday girl was quite happy with all this fuss on her sweet sixteen.

Getting ready to sing.  Nice when you have about a hundred folks singing to you.

Make it a good wish Alyona!

The inside of this was tye dye.  Same with the green.  The sheet cake was half chocolate and half vanilla.  And so, so good.  Was just such a pleasant place to have a birthday and alyona truly enjoyed herself.  After cake, we all did our own thing.  Kids always hang out and parents always talk.  Works for everyone.  Really does. 

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