Thursday, August 6, 2015

Bugs, Books, and Busy

Phew, what a day today too.  One had therapy this afternoon.  Trouble is, it ran over.  Which in turn put us way behind for VBS.  AS this was happening, Warren called me to tell me to call doc's office and tell him he would be late as stuck in traffic. Storms so traffic was a nightmare as apparently people here can't drive in snow or rain!  So, since I was on eternal hold w/ doc office, Max & Reni took the littles to go to VBS.  Thankful for that.  Warren managed to get in late at doc office.  Everything was great bloodwork wise and such so that was great news as well.  Doc said get more sleep.  Hmm, doc needs to stay with Nate then a few nights.  Great news for everyone regarding doc appointments this week then.  Relieved.  Still waiting for Max to get home.  Should be in about fifteen minutes or so.  Can't wait to hear about it all.  Tomorrow, we have VBS but I do not think we have other appointments.  Or, hope not.  I need a day to do all sorts of paperwork happening here.

We have interesting bugs where we are and kids seem to find them all the time.  Earlier this week, it was a snake.  This night, it was a nice moth on the door.

Nice close up in window.

A dear friend got us a Barnes and Nobles Gift card to start school with.  We found a 75% off table and they were excited about this puzzle.  BTW, it's hard!  It really is.  Only 550 pieces but hard as can be.  Nik was working on it. 

CAme out the other morning to find them all reading books.  Summer had left after I took this picture.  

They really seem into their selections.

Reni was reading to Sofie.  Well, until she realized it was in other languages.  LOL. 

We started school this past Monday here.  Needed to to make up for all the lost time during the move.  Sofie was working on her numbers and very excited.  I started her out on preschool stuff thinking we'd only do a page.  Umm, she blew through 8 pages on her own and wanted more.  It is apparent, she will now start on a kindergarten level.  I think by year's end, I may actually have her on a first grade level.  She really impressed me.

Alyona is now helping Summer with her ABC's and numbers again. Once I get Sofie reading, I will have her help Summer as well.  There is a high likelihood Summer will never read but that does not mean we will give up trying!  She has surprised us many times over.  But reality is, she has multiple brain disorders that truly effect her cognitive abilities.

Summer was trying to help with the puzzle too!

Then Nate came along and there went the puzzle.  Boy were they all disappointed.  They all worked so very hard on that.  Troubles w/ toddlers.  We moved it to higher ground after this one.  

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