Thursday, August 20, 2015

Bojan's New School

Bojan is entering 10th grade and will be going to a local charter school here.  So new, it is all trailers.  They are in process of building the new school for it this year.  So, classes are extremely small.  About 15 per class. They have 8th through 12th grade.  We love the school and the staff thus far.  They have been wonderful.  They prepare the kids for college and life in general. They are required to do community service each year in order to graduate.  They can graduate w/ a high school diploma and an associates degree.  I have a chance to send Alex and my other 8th graders this year but just don't think they are quite ready yet.  I have spoken to the EC director there and we may try to prepare them to go next year if they are able.  See, it is a very, very rigorous course of study.  Think more honors classes for regular classes.  I do feel it is an excellent opportunity though and will try my best to get them in for next year to start high school.  Just hesitant about sending this year.  So, this year, just one in public school and the rest homeschooled.  Next year, may have 5 in public school and the rest homeschooled.  So up in the air right now as to what is best for them academically and what all they can handle.  We will figure it out. 

We also went to the library today.  My kids love the library now.  And are reading more.  Also a plus.  Their 4-H classes starting in September along w/ library activities in September and possibly homeschool tennis.  Getting there.  We've started school here August 3rd.  And kids are doing well thus far.  Easing them into it.  Math being added next week. 

Making arrangements to go back to our old home this coming weekend.  It is a long, long process and still mulling over what is best to do with our home.  anyhow, need to get to bed b/c Nate actually fell asleep.  We have a busy day tomorrow too.  More to come tomorrow. 

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