Friday, August 28, 2015

Birds, Breakfast and Brothers

Trying to get caught up a bit here and there on the blog.  Today we had an actual lazy day.  Well, not exactly but more lazier than normal.  Forgot I had an appointment for Nate at 8:20 in the morning.  Umm, fastest getting ready ever.  Took Nate, Summer and Alyona with me.  Summer b/c she had a wart that I figured they could take care of while there for Nate.  And, they did.  Froze it.  Will have to go back in about two weeks to get another treatment.  No biggie.

Then we had Nate and his quick check up.  Doc says he's doing great.   And, he will give me a script for a DME.  A  medical safety bed for Nate!  This was awesome news as it has become a safety issue with Nate being in the crib.  He needs something bigger yet something built more like a crib.  Fingers crossed all works out.  He gets his legs stuck in teh crib and he's also outgrown it. But the real trouble comes w/ trying to stand up, falling and cracking his head on the crib.  Like I said, safety at this point.  Doctor agrees which is great.  Working on all that stuff next week. 

Speech therapist came today.  May be one of the last times she's here.  See, while here evaluating some of the kids, she received a call.  It was THE call.  She had to report to the hospital as she got the news she was getting her transplant that she'd waited so long for.  You could see how excited she was yet sad in the same token as you know it comes at a price for another family.  She will be handing over our stuff to another therapist and we'll take it from there.  I am not worried about it.  Was just so overwhelmed with emotion b/c even though it's not happening to you, you know that it means life for the person standing before you.  We wish her all the best.

We have all sorts of wild life in our yard.  Including, rather large birds.  This one isn't a very large one.  We've seen hawks swoop down in the yard.  Amazing to watch the birds in the woods.  It is really making us think twice about the chicken coop idea.

SOFIE ROSE!!  I say that name more times than I want to lately.  The child hates, and I mean hates eggs with a passion.  I came back to the kitchen to find this mess one day.  She poured ketchup over them like syrup.  Looks like a murder scene.  And no, she didn't eat them.  So, other kids were thrilled b/c I made sure we had ice cream sundaes that evening.  

Every night almost, Max and Nate are on the couch.

Max plays with Nate and here, Nate is wanting popcorn.  And, successfully gets it.  He likes popcorn.

Irina feeding Nate peanuts.  He curls himself up like a pretzel.  Great to have so many older kids that want to still help with their little brother from time to time.

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