Friday, August 14, 2015

Been Gone a Week-- What Happened?!

I know, I've taken a week long blog break.  And I was going strong for awhile too.  I'll cut to the chase.  Last weekend was a very emotional and mentally draining weekend.  Long story short.  We have lived through our worst nightmare when we did the rent to own contract on our other home.  We pulled up to our former home.  Trash piled high (though later the trash in was taken outside), stench, no maintenance done, no yard work done, weeds as far as the eye can see, screens all out, animal waste in the home, human waste in the toilet, water turned off, etc.  The list can truly go on but will spare you the details.  Friends were there that saw it all.  It was all too much and for the sake of the kids, we left.  Had we known it was that bad, we would have NEVER taken them to the only safe haven they had ever known.  This was their home.  Remember, it took them awhile to even convince them to move here.  We all loved that house, made it a home, and have countless memories there.  To see it in the condition it was in, was heartbreaking at best.  We have all collected our thoughts, pulled ourselves together and are ready.  We are a family through it all...good and bad.  This is teaching everyone valuable lessons.  I guarantee you, I will never ever hear them complain about them cleaning our home here ever again.  We have all sorts of cleaning supplies thanks to a dear friend who went with me.  Our carpet needs replacing as probably some toilets I'm guessing as well.  Will assess more once back in it.  See, tomorrow, we are all headed back.  Masks and all to go inside.  This is hard.  Hence, blog silence.  Collecting our thoughts.  Financially, this is really, really hard.  This has brought Nate's adoption to a stand still at this juncture.  Emotionally this is hard.  How can someone do this to us?  Mentally, it is hard.  Physically, it will be hard.  Trying to do all that work/ yard work in one day.  I am very proud of how my kids have handle all this.  Because through all the bad, there is silver linings.  Valuable life lessons.  For though there are bad people who do not do the right thing, there are several more who pour their heart and soul into others. We have been witness to that over the last week.  We have felt the love from others.  The food that had been brought over.  The couple that took my kids blueberry picking to get their minds off things.  The basketballs my parents sent for the kids.-- didn't even know she knew we had an Amazon wish list.  LOL.  The offers of help.  Lending of mowers.  The list of good can go on as well.  That is what we focus on.  The good.  The fact that it is always darkest before dawn.  So, say a prayer, send good vibes, whatever you'd like to do because tomorrow once again, will be a hard day for the Boyd Bunch.  I will get back on here tomorrow night as I'm sure I'll just want to sit down anyhow.  And though this isn't the happiest post ever, next few posts, I do have good news as well.  Have a wonderful weekend. 

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  1. I now see why Dave Ramsey warns against rent to own. He says they can't afford the house if they need to do this. And obviously these people lied and abused you which makes me so sad. I hope some group from your community steps in to help you guys. My girlfriend is about to do a rent to own and I am going to have her read your post before she goes through with it. So sorry you are going through this.