Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Nice Neighbor Surprise

First, let me say it has been one heck of a week.  I will fill you in soon for sure.  For now, I'll try to catch up with a few things. 

The other day a neighbor Logan mowed grass for gave the kids a gift.

Our basketball goal was missing a net.

Logan came home w/ a brand new net and immediately went to put it up.  Course the kids were watching.

And then they all got straight to playing some basketball....with a soccer ball.

They did not care.  they were just seriously happy to have a basketball net.  A few days later, a package arrived.  My parents had sent them two brand new basketballs!  they were thrilled.  New net and new basketballs in the same week!  They have played with it everyday since.  So grateful to have wonderful neighbors and family that cares about the kids.  Since our recent house fiasco, even little 'extras' are out for a few months.  So it was a great surprise to have folks fill in some fun  at the moment.  My kids truly love being outside so have some great equipment to play with on a daily basis is wonderful. 

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