Friday, August 14, 2015

A First for Sofie

My baby girl is growing up.  So hard to believe. Really, it is hard to accept b/c part of me always wants to think of her as that little three year old that came to us.  No, instead, she is a sassy mouth almost six year old.  The other day, she was elated b/c Reni 'broke her tooth' for her. 

Sofie came running saying Reni broke my tooth!  Meaning, she pulled her loose tooth for her.  Forgive the shirtless child as she was upstairs getting ready for her bath and had to bolt back downstairs to tell me of this most important event in her life.

Her bottom tooth.  First tooth gone.

Sofie telling me all about the candy and gum she'll buy at the dollar store.  She really could not stop smiling this week.  Trouble I have, she is now trying to pull other teeth out trying to get money.

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