Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Bouncy Surprise

Not too long ago, my parents sent the kids a package.  Wasn't expecting anything, no one's birthday so we all gathered round the kitchen table to open it.  I wished someone had taken more pictures but we didn't as we were all too excited opening it.  And that's okay.  We don't document every single moment of our lives, we live them.  But there were a couple pictures someone managed to take. 

They were so excited for the basketballs.

This one even glows in the dark!  They can play at night.  And yes, they do.

They all took off right away for the basketball goal.  Was just what they needed.  They were using an old beat up soccer ball to play.  Wasn't working too well but they didn't complain about it either.  They knew with us having to spend thousands to fix up the old house from what others did, a basket ball was not priority.  Thankfully, their grandarents thought it was.  My mom said she looked on the Amazon list for Boyd Bunch and picked something out.  Made their week and yes, they play every single day.  They also play with the neighbor next door.  My kids love the outdoors so play equipment for them is more of a necessity.  I'd rather that than video games.  Just was a very special surprise for them.  More posts tomorrow but this is #5.  Nate is still up. 

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