Tuesday, July 21, 2015

WVA-- We're Here & Ready to Relax

We arrive and get set up at whatever campsite we get to.  Once set up, then kids are allowed to go off places.  Just a rule we have so not one person is stuck doing all the work.

And after setting up camp, off to the little lake for some fun.

They ALL got in trouble for this one.  Not just our family but the other family too b/c rule is 5 at a time.  Ooh, we all got the megaphone.  

Nik, thinking about what flip he'll do.  His implant stayed on.  Another little girl at the lake wasn't so lucky and hers is at the bottom of that lake somewhere.

Isabelle, Alyona and friend swimming.

Love bringing our own lifevests b/c we don't have to spend time adjusting them.  For the little kids.  Sofie is getting tired here I Think.

Talkign to Nate.  I know he doesn't ever talk back but he knows a lot of what I'm saying. He loved the feel of the sand and loves water.

 I like this b/c Alex is helping his siblings up.

Irina has always had a way with animals wherever we go.  She chose not to swim this day.

Alyona, Isabelle, Logan and Reni waiting for Nik.

 I LOVE this picture but wished it hadn't turned out blurry.  I didn't take it but oh, this would have been fantastic.  We'll try it again next year. 

Sofie going down the little slide.  

 Looks different when soaked. 

 Reni having some time with Nate. 

Alyona jumping off.  This thing is one of their favorites when we go to this WVA campground.  They always have so much fun on it.  We had a great time and got really hungry after a long drive and an evening swim.  time to head back for dinner that Warren stayed back to cook.  He's not much for the lake. 

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