Tuesday, July 21, 2015

WVA-- Campground Dinner Time

After a nice break in the lake, time to head back and eat.  Whenever we go camping, first night we always have burgers on the grill to kick it all off.  Always hits the spot after a long day of travel.

Anything wrong with this picture?  Should there really be fire on the ground?

 Hmm, what went wrong here Max is thinking.  Better here than like last year where Alex kicked the coals under the RV!

And it's time to eat after that long swim.  Notice,not everyone changed out of bathing suits.  Not when burgers, potato salad and chips await.  

Love it that Bojan prays even when on vacation.

Brothers.  Hmm, wonder if they'll be sick of each other by the end of the trip.

Sisters enjoying an evening meal and some chit chat.  Probably about all their friends they'll see tomorrow.

Nothing like coming back into the RV and finding Naked Ken hanging... by Sofie's chew tube no less.  The teens did this one.  Stay tuned for more trip pics.

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