Thursday, July 16, 2015

Sweet, Spider & Scary

Ahh, blog post # 3 tonight. On a roll folks.  Tomorrow Warren goes to the hand specialist so we'll see what they say.  going to try to take the kids to the Library after VBS and then the pool.  For now, playing catch up still on many things. 

I thought this was very sweet.  From Bojan.  I'll have to take a picture of the one he did of the family too.

Have to click on it closer but that is a black widow at the bottom.  With us living in the south and near woods again, my children are quick to identify various spiders and snakes to know if they are poisonous.  Well, that & if they can pick them up.  Yes, they'd pick them up.  This one Reni stopped once we flipped the bucket. 

Oh how I miss Naked Ken right now.  This Barbie is dressed. For what?  Not quite sure.  Sofie's favorite color is purple.  And, so is her Barbie now.  Little disturbing if you ask me.  Time to get some shut eye around here.  More posts tomorrow for sure. 

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