Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Surgery Today

Probably not many posts coming this evening.  Been a very, very long day.  Nate was up last night, dog went nuts at 4am and then had to get up at o dark thirty for surgery for Logan today.  Tired is an understatement.  Logan had his tonsils out due to chronic tonsil stones.  Surgery went well and we like the new hospital a lot.  He's doing well.  For having had surgery.  Lots of pain but to be expected.  Managing with the heavy drugs today.  You know how that goes.  He did sleep and he has been drinking so very good.  Not sure what tomorrow will bring.  

Our wonderful neighbors down the street are taking four of the kids blueberry picking bright and early tomorrow.  Very sweet of them since they know we're stuck at home for awhile.  Older kids will be doing something with youth group tomorrow evening.  So, events still going on.  Reni and Alyona come back from their grandparent's house and we are also having company from the old neighborhood come over.  So home, but busy. 

We really have been able to get a bunch of petty projects done and proud of the kids for taking everything in stride.  Lots going on here at Chaos Manor but taking it on one step at a time.  More tomorrow.  For now, I can honestly say I am physically exhausted.  And will most likely be up for hours to come.  Thank goodness we haven't had a surgery in a long, long time.  Hope this is the only surgery this year but you never know. 

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