Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Surgery & Not Surgery?

Okay, so you know to catch up I'll be having to jump around a bit.  Sorry about that.  Just par for the course.  So, easy one.  Last week I took Logan to an ENT. Tonsils come out next Thursday, the 23rd.  Simplistic surgery compared to others in the house but surgery nonetheless.  His first one.  Doing it at a local hospital here. 

Now, yesterday Warren was working on a play set we had been given by a dear friend.  Even warned us about old screws in it.  We saw them as we helped disassemble it.  Well, Max had a board up high.  Warren went to hit it with his hand like a hammer to get it in place.  Instead, he hit a screw w/ the palm of his hand. Went right through.  Not out the other side thank goodness.  Went to ER for cleaning & tetanus shot.  He sees a hand specialist on Thursday to see if surgery is needed.  If it is, has to be done right away as it is the hand/ nerves.  And you guessed it, coincide I'm sure with Logan's.  So, obviously hoping for NO surgery for Warren but will know more on Thursday. 

Even more fun right now...no dryer.  Laundry just seems like more when spread all over the house as far as the eye can see.  Will be this way for a long, long time I fear.  Had to buy a new A/C unit for the old house if that tells you anything.  LOL.  Clothesline it is!  Actually, that PVC drying rack for towels my friend made last year for our pool is coming in real handy for clothes now. 

Much more to share and to come.  Stay tuned. 

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