Thursday, July 30, 2015

Sorry for the short absence

Had to take yesterday off as we were busy with day after surgery care.  Logan is doing fairly well.  Today is Thursday.  Max took the younger kids along with Bojan to the library for story time.  This time, they had a magician!  Kids loved it for sure.  Really, really did.  They were all going to go to the pool and then thunder hit, checked online and no go for pool.  It reopened but by that time, all decided to just stay here.  Older teens went to a local round table discussion about what the community here can do to improve things for the teens.  Activities/ sports/ etc.  Positive and a plus they got pizza.  LOL.  Came home and all of us had a late dinner. 

Went through old papers and found the missing checks from before we moved.  Bummed b/c we already got them replaced which was good.  Three of them we can cash.  Hospital checks.  Grand total of...$17.  Won't even buy our bunch lunch.  Hey, it will buy some milk so it's a good thing.  Tomorrow kids and I are doing some errand running and hopefully make it to the pool.  Saturday is a toss up at the moment of what we'll end up doing.  And Saturday, we have visitors coming over to cook out. 

This week was a take it easy and organize kind of week b/c we knew Logan would have surgery and well, can't do much after a surgery and we understand that.  Lots going on next week though so most definitely not complaining.  Lots to share soon and I will.  Just busy, busy.  More to come. 

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