Thursday, July 16, 2015

School, Sitting and more Sitting

Tonight, we went to the library for the first time.  Love it!  Nice little town library and kids can't wait to go back.  Alex is interested in plumbing as a career and checked out a book on plumbing to learn more about it.  Sofie and Summer checked out books as well.  Alex got a bunch of movies for us all and right now, we're watching Man of Steel while enjoying some popcorn.  Learned of many local events and craft events that we weren't aware of.  Pleasant experience overall.  Tomorrow, last day of VBS for younger kids and homeschool meet & greet at my home.  Hope all goes well.

Even though on summer break, still want the younger ones to do a little fun work.  Summer still does not know the whole alphabet consistently.  All her brain disorders really reek havoc on academics, that's for sure.  So, helping a bit.  Her and Sofie do these every day now.  4 pages a day.  Not much and they think it's fun so win-win. Got them at Sam's.

Nate wanted to help Daddy with work.  Not too much help going on here.

If you set him on your lap at hte computer, Nate just bangs on the keyboard.

Just sitting at the bar eating dinner.  These girls and Sofie like to sit here almost every night.  One day my dream is to have matching bowls that aren't plastic.  

Typical night at our house.  Nik playing Minecraft, older girls doing younger ones' hair after a shower.

Front view.  They love the little rocker my mom brought down when she visited.

Umm, tuned in or out?  LOL.  Just chilling. Even Nate has his hands behind his head.

This dinner is brought to you on an ER night or busy night.  We usually have two 'freezer' type meals you just pop in the over each month in case of a 'crazy day' scenario.  This was chicken patties.  Kids love it.  But they know it only happens if craziness does.  Fortunately, ours like homecooked meals and older girls are participating more and more at making them.  Irina made spaghetti tonight and made the sauce all herself. 

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