Friday, July 17, 2015

Presents, Playground & Puncture Wound

Still playing catch up on the blog but this one is from last weekend.  LOL.  A dear friend had some things his kids had outgrown.  Bike, clothes, even a play set.  Asked if we could use it and absolutely could.  So, went to go pick it up last Saturday.

Sofie jumped up and down when she saw her new bike.  See, she didn't have a bike yet before and this is her first one.  Made her year to be sure.

Plants by the playground.  When we moved here, we had no idea what was planted where.  So, we've waited out the spring and summer and held off thinning things out.  Glad we did.  Many nice surprises.

Look how gorgeous these leaves are!

Decided the playground would go next to the existing playground.

Max working.  Alex...not so much.  But, he did help when Max asked him to.

Umm, also working hard.  LOL.  Not sure why they all look so sad in this picture.

And this was what was left to do still.

Max and Logan were figuring things out.

Originally, wanted them side by side the top parts so sandboxes could be combined.  That did not work out due to the way the ground was.  So, did it differently.  And it's worked.  Still need pics of hte final product.

During the playground set up, Warren went to help Max.  Reached overhead to knock a board into place with his hand.  He did not know there was a rusty screw and punctured his hand.

Trip to the ER for a tetanus shot and x-ray.  Non-impressive but that was a deep, deep puncture wound.  Saw the hand specialist yesterday.  He goes back in ten days to make sure all was healed right and nerves are back to normal.  Summer told him to use a hammer, not his hand.  I agree.

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