Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Pool Time

So moving to the new house did require sacrifices.  One of which was not having our own pool any more.  Be that as it may, we found a solution.   There were three local pools around the area.  One, just three miles from our home.  Family membership.  It was a done deal so to speak.  And, we love the pool!  Never all that crowded.  Always room to play and the water slide is fun.  Though, Sofie doesn't think so.  Took her down it once.  We will probably head there tomorrow after the library.  Not sure.  Some of my kids take pictures here and there.  Thought I'd share a few.

Logan out for a moment.  You can see the water slide a bit in the background.

Alyona.  I'm guessing Reni took most these pictures.  She always takes pictures a little lopsided b/c of the way she sees.  Just a different perspective.

Nik and Bojan waiting to go in for  a dip and a swim.  Water is SO clean.  told they check it three times a day!

Nik goofing off in the fountains.

Older kids hanging out. They like to play basketball there as well.

Even Irina enjoying the pool time.

Alyona purposely getting Summer and Nik wet.  Summer's bathing suit kept falling down so we had to use Alyona's shirt.  Alyona was not too pleased.

Isabelle and Sofie just hanging out together.  Usually the older kids hang out.  Then every once in awhile one will come and help me with the three youngest ones.  That's why I keep a life vest on Sofie as there is only one of me.

And Logan is done with pool time.  That's all for now folks.  Trying to do three posts a day for quite a while.  Time for bed and up early for VBS, library, phone calls, and a few other things to do.  Bojan and Logan leave tomorrow for their grandparents' house.  Yeh, two less for a few days.  Yet somehow, it's never quieter.  Go figure.

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