Thursday, July 23, 2015

Ohio-- We Made It

Continuing onward, we left WVA Friday and headed to Ohio.  Only takes three hours but I also had to leave once in Ohio with Kim to go pick up Alyona's surprise birthday cake for Saturday.  So, we got to the reunion and kids were dying not to go run to their friends but they knew we had to get the RV in order first.  Never seen them work so fast.  But then we had people coming to greet us even!  Fun, fun, fun.  And keep in mind, at this reunion, I really don't take a whole lot of pictures b/c I want to enjoy everyone and everything.

We all took turns with Nate.  This is Max getting them ice cream.

Despite the weather being iffy all weekend, they played and played outside.

Irina trying to photo bomb Nik.

Bojan and his buddy Nik.

Sofie.  Think she's happy about getting ice cream??

Bojan chit chatting w/ some other families.  One of those families we are rather close to.  Our kids and their kids are like brothers and sisters.  IT's great!  Too bad they live in TX.

Yes, that was the sky most the time.

And this is Summer and her friend goofing off with the stroller.  It was the friend's brother's stroller.  Her and Summer were buddy-buddy the entire weekend.  

So much so that Summer slept in their cabin!  I didn't see her all weekend in the RV.  LOL.  That is the great thing about this place...the friendships between families.  We had some kids in the RV/ tent while some of mine were scattered in cabins.  Was fantastic!  First night we all enjoyed a nacho bar dinner and ice creams for dessert.  Everyone was getting to know each other.  Families reconnecting from last year.  Adoption issues, non-adoption issues, everything.  Always peaceful and always refreshing being around other adoptive families. 

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