Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Nik's Audiology Visit

I'll do Nik's post first b/c his is easy.  So, annual implant check up today.  We only have to go twice a year for Nik's implants unless there is a problem.  So, not bad.  Today they did the booth testing.  We let Nik go by himself this time.  He is 12yo and needs to learn to do somethings on his own.  He was perfectly fine.  Nate wooed the staff in the waiting room.  Nik had to make NO changes whatsoever to his programs.  And, she said he did better than last time!  Meaning, he can understand more stuff.  I was given forms to try to get Nik teletherapy as well.  Fingers crossed.  So, all in all, a good visit.  We ate in the van beforehand so we were good but thirsty.  Dummy us left the water bottles in the car.  Umm, it's about 100 outside today so it was like drinking bath tub water.   Yuck.  Couldn't wait to get home and get some refreshing water.  But since tea was made, that hit the spot. 

Got home and went to the library.  Kids love our new local library.  Really do.  Alex checked out more books on plumbing as that is what he wants to do as a career.  He's reading about it.  We rented some more movies and kids devoured more books.  Warren made a delicious chicken dinner. 

More posts forthcoming but working on getting some kiddos to bed.

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