Sunday, July 19, 2015

More Pool Time

Well, this is from awhile ago as today was stormy and we truly didn't do much today.  But, had wonderful new friends visit and that was enough for sure.  Great family and so nice to have met them.

Isabelle and Reni sans glasses.

Alex covering his face.  Not sure why.  Not like he won't get wet.

Nik having a good old time.

I think Reni is a little too relaxed.  She doesn't want to get up and go home.

Alex shooting some baskets.

I think that look says it all about the pool time.

Alex, can you concentrate any harder man?

This go around Alyona decided not to swim.

Max obliged his sisters with a picture.  A a rarity at best.

Ahh, no smiles boys.  Must be how real men take pictures.

They were trying to get all the sibs to join in.

And that's who went to the pool that day. 

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