Monday, July 13, 2015

Manic Monday-- we're back!

Oh my oh my what a whirlwind of a few weeks.  So much to share, so many pictures. Where to start?!  Well, it is Monday so we'll do traditional tonight to get back into the swing of things here. 

  • back from all our vacations
  • lots to catch up on
  • Logan gets surgery next week for tonsils
  • Bojan & Logan are visiting Warren's parents for a week
  • Kids have VBS this week (younger ones)
  • Having a homeschool meet & greet this week
  • Finally got ALL emails caught up
  • Therapy cancelled for one child this week
  • Sofie has been sick-- explain later
  • Warren punctured his hand w/ a rusty screw-- ER visit
  • Warren going to hand specialist this week
  • Getting all kids established as patients for everything
  • Isabelle and Nik got new glasses
  • Isabelle officially became ours
  • Our dryer is broke-- clotheslinging it for months
  • Had to get new A/C unit for old house (hence, why no new dryer)
  • Hot in NC but not miserable hot this summer
  • Painting our coffee table this week
  • Putting up old/new swingset for the kids this week
  • Need to do surveys
  • Need to officially enroll Bojan for school
  • Need to finish getting homeschool stuff ready for next year ( a plan)
  • Planning next year's trips
  • Warren's car is dying a slow death (it's paid for so it figures.  May ressurect it one more time.  It runs but it's going.  We know it.)
  • Need to sell stuff
  • Need to call lawyer
  • Nate has a runner

Oh so very much more. Can't wait to share it all.  We are officially at 12 kids.  We'll have to finish off Nate's adoption to make it #13.  Very soon.  

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