Monday, July 27, 2015

Mani Monday

Crazy, crazy day.  Trying to get more things in order b/c I know the next two days will be insane.

  • Surgery for Logan is tomorrow (first surgery for him)
  • Accomplished a lot of projects this past weekend
  • Waiting for pre-op team to call
  • Organizing week based on his surgery
  • Kids go to library this week
  • Going to try to get to the pool a few times
  • Going through all their winter/ fall clothes to see where we stand
  • Have made all doc appointments
  • Planning next year's trip
  • Filling out all sorts of grant stuff
  • Nik may get to do speech teletherapy
  • Max hears today about his potential job (lots applied apparently)
  • Max is still actively applying elsewhere
  • finally going to get to those museums this coming weekend
  • Youth group for kids
  • Looking into kids joining 4-H
  • Working on lawyer paperwork
  • Making AmazonWish List
  • Kids are growing like crazy
  • Sofie was mad I sold her clothes (you know, the 2 sizes too small ones)
  • Got Isabelle's new insurance cards with her name on them
  • Behind on writing thank yous
  • Need to get new social card for Isabelle
more to do  but in a hurry as filling out applications and lawyer stuff.  More posts forthcoming this evening.  Busy day to get stuff done and stupid pre-op team has yet to call w/ surgery time for Logan.  Did this last week and it got postponed.  We'll see soon.  More to come later.  

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