Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Just Siblings

When we moved to this new house, one thing we really liked was a nice big flat yard to play in. Though we only have 2 acres, it feels like a lot more compared to the small play area of our last home.  This is all flat ground and just more practical for our situation. One day, kids started playing ball.  All of them.  And, we have the space to do it now.

Everyone in the yard playing.  Even Nate.

Can you tell Summer was mad?  She wanted people to throw the ball to her instead of her actually trying to go and get it like everyone else.

Nate, happy he was up and about walking on the grass.

Hmm, Summer still seems to be holding a grudge in this picture.  And not sure what Sofie is wearing.  I just don't question things some times.

Nate gets nervous if he gets unsteady but did okay outside.

We all take turns when Nate gets tired. 

Ahh, summer has the ball now.  BTW, this all started out as a therapy session with Nate that we were doing ourselves.

And finally wrapping up the game of ball and just hanging out.  We really do like the yard and the ability to play quite a bit.  Backyard has more obstacles due to trees but still not all that bad. 

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