Thursday, July 16, 2015

Ideas for Landscape Please

We moved into this home and it was very nicely landscaped.  You could tell it was professionally done.  We've been fixing somethings and adding others.  Normal when you move into a house.  Now, I used to work in a florist shop and over that period of time, learned more about flowers and trees than I probably wanted to know.  That being said, we noticed this crepe myrtle really that should have been somewhere else.  Planted in way too shady a spot.  Honestly, right next to the house in a corner, roots would not have had room anyhow. But, figured we'd leave it till next year.  Well, that is until we came home from vacation and found it almost fallen completely over.  Had one shot at saving it, so we took it. 

Warren, started the digging up of the tree.  Easy b/c it had just rained.

You really can't tell by this shot but it really was leaning over.  Earlier, it was past the boxwoods until we picked it back up.

We replanted in the front yard where it is full sun.  Yes, I'm well aware the tree goes into shock and it has.  Some leaves died off but now coming back to life and loving the watering every day so it can establish full roots.  It's root ball was so small in the other location.  Love how the boys are watching.  Why Alex is in his PJ's, I'll never know.  

Flowers in front of the gardenias and the rose bushes.  Leading up to side entrance.

This spot on the corner is where we removed the tree.

Picture of side entrance.  Rose bushes are on the left side.  Scooter and cooler are now put away.  LOL.  Cypress trees line both sides of the steps.  Notice the one side is growing much faster.  I want the two sides to be symmetrical really.  On the right is boxwoods in the back and cypress tree in front.  Crepe Myrtle where you can't see it in the picture.

This is the big empty space I'd love to get ideas for.  Whether it be what plants to put down or if a water feature would be better since it is so shady there.  Not sure which to do.  Would love suggestions and ideas.  Not doing this till next year but nice to have ideas to go by.

Right side of entrance.  Should I try to match on the left?  I think that is why they did the crepe myrtle originally.  Notice this one is much bigger and both planted at the same time.   Guessing when kitchen addition was done on the home.  Ideas welcomed.  Like I said, not doing anything till next year but tryign to get something in mind.  Thanks.

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