Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Himalayan Salt Lamps

Came across a post on Facebook about these things and have seen them a bunch before.  Always wanted one because I thought they looked neat.  Well, now I hear about the health benefits.  And the thing is, they are not all that pricey.  Most being around twenty dollars.  Can't do it now because of the whole dryer situation.  Yes, that's another post entirely.  But, would love to try these out.  While I wait, wondering if any of you have tried them and if you like them.  Negative, positive, whatever you feel like sharing.  Would love to hear more.  Thanks a bunch!  Kids are in bed finally.  The younger ones have VBS all this week and are waking up rather cranky.  They love going but I don't love dealing with them.  Only goes till Friday though so we can all make it. 

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