Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Glasses Today for Nik

Today the kids had VBS again.  Younger ones.  I got lots of phone calling done and some paper work.  Was nice.  Later, went to pick up Nik's new glasses.  Now, I only took Nik with me.  Haven't done that in awhile.  I even let him ride in the front seat.  Treat as there's many that vie over that seat.  We get there and he takes his music toy in that he carries everywhere.  This one.  Yes, my 12.5 yo son carries it everywhere and rocks to the music.  Loves the music.  We here it all the time here every single day.  He's also shy as we all know.  Get to go to the back.  Nice lady sits down and gets his glasses out.  He puts the on.  "oooh, ahhh!  Mom, I can see!"  I can see.  Different."  The lady had tears in her eyes.  See, he does go every year to the eye doc.  But, Nik is hard on things. Wished I could buy two pair but can't.  He's just hard on things and wears them out.  Scratches the lenses like crazy.  So, no scratches and a script changed opened a whole new world for Nik.  He literally could not stop smiling.  We chatted the whole way home.  He could not wait to show his siblings.

Nik wanted a picture of others with glasses.  Aunt Lisa happened to be here visiting so she got in the picture too.  

Nik with his new glasses.  Only problem I see is he is looking ever so grown up for me.  

Well, Logan and Bojan are gone for the week visiting grandparents.  Doubt I'll have quiet though even with two gone.  Warren goes to the hand specialist tomorrow.  I'll let you all know how it goes.  Maybe I can slip in another post today.  Trying to do three a day.  Have chicken in the oven need to go check on. 

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