Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Frogs, feeding, freezing and friends

Oh, so much to catch up on that I thought I'd just randomly start with a few pictures here and there.  So, bare with me please.  Going to be a long few days playing catch up  on posts.  But, now that I got my home email down to just 5 emails & staying on top of it, have more time to blog a bit.  So, starting somewhere in the picture world.

We bought some raw peanuts from the farmer's market that we roasted in the oven.  Kids loved them.  Only $5 for a big bag.  Took Sofie awhile but good OT work for her.  That corn was so good too that day.

Even though at a new location, we've had lots of old friends come & visit.  One of Max's friends even cooked us all dinner one evening.  Here's Reni and him helping in the kitchen.

Isabelle feeding Nate raviolli.  He will drink by himself but will not eat by himself quite yet.  Trying to get more variety in him but tough.  Still working on chewing.

And why is there a cooler in our kitchen?  Well, not b/c we went on a trip.  See, old house had two fridges.  This one does not.  May have to retrieve one of the old fridges at some point.  This is getting ridiculous.  Been looking on Craigslist and the like.  The ice machine doesn't make enough ice for all of us so have to get ice bags and put in the cooler.  It's a temporary solution.  

These two were SO proud they caught two frogs.  Then, so disappointed I made them release them later.  They really thought they had new pets for a few minutes.  Maybe next time kids.  Umm, the other day, my kids caught a black widow.  We killed it as  you can imagine.  Max would not let me kill the giant wolf spider w/ babies on it though.  URGHH.  Ever since he did a report on spiders.  Go figure.

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