Friday, July 17, 2015

Feeding Time with Nate

Nate came home from Bulgaria weighing just 15 lbs.  He came to us at 19 lbs.  He's gained weight since but now we have seemed to have plateaued.  We have an appointment this coming Tuesday with the geneticist and I'm sure this will come up again.  He is growing and I think part of the issue is he is growing taller and longer, but since more active, not filling out as much.  Last doc a few weeks ago said feed him creamy everything.  Let you all know Tuesday what Duke team says.   Anyhow, we all take turns feeding Nate.  I do not ask the young ones to do it but Summer wants to feed her baby brother.

Mind you, the child has a high chair.  But, Summer chooses to feed him on the floor.  Nate doesn't mind.

He curls himself up like that on his own.  Always crossing his legs to eat.  Even in the high chair.

Summer has a sweet touch.  Different day, same shirt.  Oh well.  Yogurt this time.

when he turns away, that's how you know he's getting full.  Nate loves sticking his hands in his shirt or your shirt.   It's a habit and a security thing for him.  I truly am glad I have great little helpers to help those even smaller than he is.  And well, Nate loves the attention.  Right now we are fighting with Nate and eating IN the high chair.  He prefers to be held.  That's fine now but when he's fifty pounds, that's going to be a real issue for sure. 

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