Friday, July 17, 2015

Fabfitfun Box

We still do one subscription box in the house.  Though this month we lucked out with the $5 boxes from Walmart and Target.  NEVER been able to get one before so can't wait to see what's in them.  But, we get one subscription box.  FabFitFun.  It comes only 4 times a year so nice surprises.  Usually, a couple hundred dollars with of stuff. if you want to join or check it out.  Anyhow, this month was different.  Something was missing!

We were excited opening the box but that should have been our first clue.  You never get two of something.  

Girls and I said, hmm, isn't as much as we usually get.  Checked the card list and sure enough, 4 items were missing!  One of which was a $100 necklace.  I called customer service.  Every other company in America should model their service department after this one.  They answered the phone themselves (no robo call thing), they listened to the problem, they were kind, and they have already processed the replacement request!  We love getting the surprises and trying out new things every season.  Love that Vaseline spray in the back btw.  My four items should be here in a few days.  Anyhow, thought I'd share about this box in case someone was thinking about it.  So, what's pictured AND more! 

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