Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Bulgarian Reunion Festivities

Guess it is time to get back to writing. We had a blast the first night at the reunion.  Everyone getting reaquainted.  Meeting new people, etc.  Just relaxing to be in the presence of so many awesome people.

Next morning we had breakfast and then it was off to field trips.

Little kids went to the farm and saw all sorts of animals and got to play.

Truly would be easier to carry a greased pig some days than our son.  Squirmy worm.  And he hates, hates, hates a stroller.  At a loss as he is getting much heavier but only can walk but so far and for so long. 

Summer and her buddy for the entire weekend.  They had an awesome time together.

Nik and his best buddy, Andrei.  These two are such awesome friends year after year.  Now, they are penpals.  It's awesome.

 This looks like one of those staged pictures but it's really not.  Kind of cool. 

The indoor play barn was so, so cool.  All sorts of places to play and hide.  They all had an awesome time.  Now, during this field trip, the teens went on the boat ride.  Hence, no pictures of my older kids.  

 Back at the campgrounds we went to the RV.  Nate was eating a bag of chips.  Just vegging out, cooling off till the next event.  After the field trip we came back to the RV for lunch.  Then, headed back to the reunion circle to await the next festivities. 

One of the families had graciously bought pizza for a bunch of the teens.  Sofie grabbed some leftover pizza.  I think she was pleased.  

 Met up w/ our older kids who had gone on the boat ride while we were at the farm.

Sofie and Reni hanging out till the bungee jumping event.  It was a fun morning to be sure.  Loved it.  So many great friendships.  I only show photos of my kids but oh, you should see the smiles on everyone when with their friends.  Amazing.

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