Saturday, July 25, 2015

Beauty Box, Blessing, and a Bench

Today is Friday.  Well, not for long.  LOL.  Busy day getting stuff done.  Had a wonderful visit with an dear friend and her kids.  Everyone enjoyed each others company.  Just a nice, nice time.  Bojan and Logan painted the entire playground.  Stained it with repair deck stain.  Looks new!  Remember, we combined two playgrounds into one.  Anyhow, getting stuff done. 

 I had never gotten one of these before.  So, decided to try it.

It's just $5 and girls and I really liked it for $5.  Facial wipes, hair spray stuff, pumice stone, full size masscara, fashion tape, hair bows, lip gloss.  Not a bad haul.

The other day a neighbor asked if we wanted some extra cucumbers and zucchini from their garden.  We said sure b/c we love cucumbers.  Aren't they beautiful?!  

This was the beginning stages of it.  Logan and Bojan sanded and then stained a bench Max made out of an old bed.  We're doing all sorts of projects that have fallen by the wayside recently.  Sofie.  No shoes on of course.  I think the child's feet are made of steel. 

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  1. LOVE the bench! Max should make a few to sell :)