Thursday, July 23, 2015

Artwork by Bojan & Logan

Interrupting vacation posts w/ here and now posts.  So, Logan and Bojan spent the week w/ Warren's parents.  Warren's mom is an artist by profession.  So, when the kids go to visit, they usually get to paint or sketch something to take home.  She guides them along.  These pieces turned out great.  She even framed them for us!  They are hanging in the house now. 

 This is Logan's artwork.  I love it!  The nature scenes are always great to me.  He signed it too.

Bojan got creative.  Sorry a terrible picture w/ the flash that I took.  Bojan painted a tree w/ all our names as the roots holding up the tree.  Love the idea.  This too is hanging up now in our house.  

I thought both boys did really well.  Love, love how they turned out.  CAn't wait to see if Alyona and Reni bring anything home as well.  Means a lot when the kids make things and think of their family to boot. 


  1. What treasures! I didn't realize that Logan was such a talented artist too!