Monday, July 20, 2015

And Time to Back Track A Bit-- We're Off!

Time to go backwards and tell a little more about our summer vacations.  That's right, plural this year!  I'll also share how we can go on 9 days worth of vacation for just $8.14 per person per day.  Not too shabby for the budget.  That's after all these picture posts though.  Hope you don't mind but you're about to be flooded with pictures. 

Told Summer she had to get her butt in gear and get moving to pack.  This was her response.

Alyona and Isabelle are supposed to be packing and such.  Nice job huh?

Ahh, people getting antsy.  Tired of seatbelts and carseats.

Where would we be without Barbies on a trip to play with?  Sofie sneaking a finger sucking in.  

And finally, Sofie is free at last!  From the carseat.  She was excited to be in WVA for sure. 

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