Saturday, July 18, 2015

Alex's Birthday

I wished I had better pictures of Alex but you must remember, we had literally just gotten back from vacation.  See, we went to the reunion in Ohio and came back for 2 days.  Then left for our 4th of July vacation (will be pictures soon).  Had a blast at the campgrounds and came home on Alex's brithdday.  So after being gone so much, we had nothing in the house to eat.  Asked Alex what he wanted.  He did not want cake as we just had a pile on vacations.  Instead, he requested ice cream, hot fudge and whip cream.  We were all okay with that.

I think Alex is shocked we got all 15 candles in ice cream without it melting.

It was just us since we had spent the last two weeks celebrating with all sorts of people.

Hard to believe he's 15 but he is.  Next year, we'll be home for his birthday so a little more planning maybe.  Happy Birthday Alex!

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