Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Nose Knows

Okay, so ever do one of those impulse buys?  I did.  The other day when I had to order something off Amazon (tent and do NOT ask..urghh), I also saw something for a soap dispensing device.  Looked so gross that I just knew my kids would get a kick out of it.  And, for just $5, why not.  Something stupid, something fun as most stuff we purchase here is of necessity instead.  So, dumb thing won this time. 

The nose being tried on.  no, that's not how you're supposed to use it. 

 Okay, so Irina's face says it all.  Looks more like a nose from the side view.  And, just imagine body wash dripping out from the nostrils.  Nik was estatic when he saw this thing and kept asking to buy body wash which we still need to do.

Sofie had to try it on too.  Let you know how all this goes with the nose in the shower.  If anything, interesting conversation starter when we have guests stay over.  LOL.

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