Thursday, June 18, 2015

Summer Time Swim

The other day we went to the pool.  Quite eventful as my kids got to see lifeguards in action.  One gentleman was choking.  Another kid had to be rushed to the ER after falling w/ a head injury.  Despite all the action, we were able to have some great moments.  I took Sofie down the waterslide for the first time.  She's still not quite a fan as of yet.  Maybe by the summer's end.  Little Guy also really enjoyed himself.  He was splashing and starting to try to immitate Irina blowing bubbles. 

Here is one of Little Guy.

Isabelle had him a few minutes that day.  Nate loves the water now.  He just seems so very relaxed in it.  At first, he most definitely did not relax.

Sofie found a pool noodle.  She was trying and trying and trying to get on that thing.

Success!  She was swimming last year with no vest but totally forgot this year.  Will be working with her at the pool.

Little Guy enjoying the water while Summer is under the water. That girl is a fish and could stay under water all day if she wanted to.  

We have much more swimming to do this year.  Can't wait.  On vacation coming up we'll be swimming as well.  In the campground pool and the campground lake.  My kids have to be fish in order to travel.  Good thing they all love it. 

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