Thursday, June 18, 2015

Paint and more paint

We have been getting things done around here.  We have done some painting.  Max and I painted the downstairs bathroom yesterday.  Reni, Isabelle and Bojan painted the boys' new dresser. 

Color of our new bathroom.  Just wanted a touch of color.  Thought it turned out well.

Looks lighter from this angle but the other picture is the more accurate color.

Dresser that is for Nik and Nate.  We have to add knobs.  Got the paint for $1.49 at Lowes paint section.  Clearance of course.  Used two of them.  So painted it for $3.  Nice.  Nik's going to help me pick out knobs.  This will be the last of  our painting projects for awhile.  Max will make a new coffee table for us after our trips.  Other than that, we're done.  

Today was busy spent finding an A/C unit for our old house.  Not fun but must be done.  Also, took Irina to the doctor.  More on that later.  One child is going through some therapy right now.  Not saying whom to protect identity but with multiple children with multiple issues, some times this is necessary.  As long as it benefits the child and the family, worth it.  Max will most likely start a new job soon.  Tomorrow, I'm taking the kids to the pool as they have worked really, really hard.   Bojan, Logan and Reni cleaned the entire garage out all day long.  We have a lot of work ahead of us but getting it done.  More to come soon.

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