Friday, June 12, 2015

New School for Bojan!

Sorry for the lack of communicating on here but truly got busy.  Typical excuse, I know.  It is Friday.  We had a great day today.  Went and checked out a new local charter school today.  Loved it!  Really and truly did.  It is small but growing.  This year, 8th through 11th grades.  Adding 12th next year.  New school to be built within 2 years.  Sports, clubs, community projects, etc.  About 15 students per class.  In addition, Bojan can graduate from high school AND receive an associates degree at the same time for no extra costs.  In addition, school is only 2 miles from our home.  We can not wait.  The EC coordinator is contacting me on Monday.  On the fence about putting Alex, Logan and Houseguest in there for 8th grade.  Still think catching them up at home one more year and then starting high school there would be more beneficial.  Not sure.  Like I said, speaking to her Monday.  Signed him up and filling out enrollment papers this weekend.  He starts August 25th I do believe. 

Irina most likely found a job.  Well, one to keep her busy while she looks for another job.  She'll most likely start at Popeye's once her background check comes back.  She's excited to be working again. 

Friends came over this evening and Bojan went back to the old stomping grounds for a few days.  Younger kids are going to the Lowes workshop here tomorrow morning.  Finishing up redoing the RV this weekend.  Also, going back to the old place to meet up with friends and bring some kids back this way.  Never dull here, huh?  Kids are enjoying the pool we joined for sure.  Thinking of going there tomorrow to speak w/ the swim meet team there.  It is the local team that some of the kids are thinking of joining in the fall.  We'll see.  Trying to get school stuff lined up and activities. 

Need to get to bed soon so we can go get fingers hammered tomorrow. 

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