Sunday, June 7, 2015

Nana and Poppop Visit

This past weekend, my parents came for their first visit to the new house.  They told hte kids they were coming Friday and showed up Thursday.  Needless to say, kids were thrilled.  They haven't seen them in a long, long time.  About a year.   We showed them around the house, let the dogs get settled and kids calm down before we headed out.  We went out to a local restaurant called Georges.  We ordered four pizzas.  huge pizzas!  they were so good.  They went to get a hotel and then came back to visit some more.  I took them with me to go look at a couch someone posted for sale.  Worked perfectly.  Ended up making friends and we talked for quite some time. 

My parents now live 5 minutes or so from Disney.  So, Anna and Elsa dolls for Summer and Sofie.

When they downsized after retiring, they packed up some of the bigger items and brought them here this trip.  And some Christmas decorations.

I think we have some more stuff to put away.  Even got a bag of real Florida oranges.

She could hardly contain her self.  They sleep with those two dolls now.

And the chess match has begun.

My Dad and Bojan playing a game of chess.  My dad won.  But said Bojan was a good player.  He has a nice wooden chess set he wants to bring but they can't find it since their recent move as well.  

The next day we had my cousin, aunt and uncle over for lunch.  Some good food and great company.  Was very pleasant and we all had a good chance to catch up.  Cant' wait till they all come back for another visit. 

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