Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Missing Friends

No matter how far you move away, there will be a sense of loss.  This is natural.  Still, doesn't make it easier.  We had a strong community where we used to live and friends were not in short supply.  And yes, though we are making new friends here, it will take months if not years to feel the same way we did prior to the move.  And that's okay.  It is par for the course. 

See, back at the old house, neighbors were like family.  Above, my kids didn't forget one of the friends they grew up with.  Wanted to make her a card for her graduation.  I thought it was sweet.  She will be attending UNC Chapel Hill in the fall.  Yes, we'll most likely visit her and bring her a goodie or two.  But we have many, many memories made with her.  She was like a daughter to us and truly was a joy to be around.  And, helped keep my kids in line.  She was our permanent and only dog sitter.  She saw us through many adoptions.  I can not thank her enough for all she did in our lives.  

And there are others just like this.  People who'd drop everything at the drop of a hat to help our family or love on our family.  And I do see folks here at our new place connecting with us as well.  We enjoy their company and the love they've shown us.  But after over eleven years at the same location where you knew people inside and out, it is just different here.  It will take time to adjust and that is fine.  We do love our home, we love our new community, and we have thoroughly enjoyed meeting the new people here.  They really are top notch and awesome people.  Don't want you to think otherwise.  But, your life long friends that have been with you for all your ups and downs, those are the ones that are very much missed.  We have had visitors quite a bit since moving here so almost like not moving.  We are getting involved more in things in the community since moving here.  I can not say how eternally grateful we are for the friends we had/ have back at our old neighborhood.  Only hope the new friends we are making are half as great as the old.  There was a true love/friendship with so many.  As the Girl Scout song goes, we are making new friends but most definitely keeping the old.  

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