Monday, June 8, 2015

Manic Monday

Well, Little Guy is still wide awake so might as well do a quick post. 

  • Had a great visit this past weekend with my parents
  • Did our grocery shopping
  • got some fish for the aquarium finally
  • Max is working on renovating the RV (new flooring, paint, etc.)
  • just discovered place never inspected RV like they said they would
  • need to find a local place to inspect RV now
  • trying to locate a local groomer for Digby.  (usually do this 2X a year, rest of the time, we do it)
  • got some great deals at the Farmer's Market this past weekend
  • trying out another church this week
  • want to go to a few churches before we decide where we belong & what feels like home
  • looking into a swim team for the kids for the fall
  • waiting for soccer people to write/ call me back
  • going to be hot this week so going to the pool soon
  • working on the yard tomorrow
  • finishing up school testing for homeschoolers
  • getting stuff together for next year's school year
  • therapy for one child this week (mental waters)
  • new mortgage starts (joys of moving to a new home)
  • looking for another car for Warren
  • Max is looking for a different job
  • Irina still needs to find a job
  • setting up new schedule for everyone this week
  • hoping to do two pinterest projects per week
  • need to call campground
  • need to order something for the reunion
  • Alyona's birthday is this month
  • going through ALL kids shoes this week
  • 2 of the girls still need another bathing suit.  Only have 1 each right now.  They all grew!
  • need to pay the bills this week
  • finding new local dentist for kids
  • finding new neuropsych for kids
We are definitely getting little things done around the house.  Project for next week will be to build a new coffee table.  yes, a pinterest project that will hopefully turn out.  Last thing we have to do leftover from the move is hang up pictures.  We have truly been slack on that part.  Also, need to find someone to do a family portrait.  Slowly but surely, we're getting things done around here.  Want to b/c I know in the fall when school and activities get started, I won't get the chance to do anything but that.  More posts this week to come.  Lots to say on lots of things.  

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