Monday, June 22, 2015

Manic Monday

Busy, busy time so I'll get right to it.

  • Internet will be down for a week
  • Dogs both got a bath this past weekend
  • Max's friend is visiting with us a few days
  • Need to finish Bojan's enrollment package for school
  • Still thinking if I should send Alex
  • Done with testing for the homeschoolers.  Sending off this week.
  • Van has been detailed by Logan.  Looks brand new!
  • One child has therapy this week
  • Max's glasses came in.  Waiting on my glasses to come in.
  • Need to order Isabelle glasses
  • Going to pool tomorrow
  • Trip is sneaking up on us
  • Need to go grocery shopping
  • Need to call Alyona's neurosurgeon (something is 'off.')
  • Got our aquarium up and running and love it
  • Our rental home needed a new A/C unit.  Umm, we're broke now.  --those who have replaced theirs know what I'm talking about
  • Max's is trying hard to get a job at Revlon
  • Downstairs of house is about how we want it.  No more painting.  Boys are relieved.
  • Need to find a basketball and net for the goal we were given
  • Making plans for the rest of the summer
  • 4th of July should be a blast
  • Went through Sofie's clothes.  Bittersweet my baby girl is growing up
More to come.  Hopefully.  As long as I can stay online.  

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