Monday, June 15, 2015

Manic Monday

So Manic, it's almost Tuesday now.  LOL.  Here goes nothing.

  • Kids had friends over this weekend.  Still here.
  • Alex went to a friend's house and is still there
  • Went to the pool
  • Digby needs grooming
  • Gettting established at doc offices this month
  • Eye exams for four of us
  • Irina has doc appointment
  • Court is tomorrow for houseguest
  • Painting downstairs bathroom
  • Need to finish RV but too hot
  • Over hundred degree days
  • Van still needs fixing from accident
  • Most likely, Irina will start her new job soon
  • Max is now looking again for a job
  • Warren car hunting for the future
  • Want to go to special needs event tomorrow but doubt we can
  • Therapy for one child this week
  • Youth groups
  • Need to seriously think about our upcoming trip
  • Found new dog sitter since ours will be out of town
  • Need to make homeschool event
  • Signing up Bojan for new school this week
  • Thinking of possibly sending Alex as well
  • Need to finish end of grade testing this year
  • Little Guy does not like his SMO's
  • Our rental home is looking like A/C is going out
  • Applied to get some help for some of the kids.  May be able to get a nurse's aid for Little Guy in a few months.  We'll see.  Hoping this program is good for them.  Time will tell.  First have to be accepted.
Much, much more but tomorrow is court.  Wahoo!!!  Let you know how it goes.  We truly are excited.  Little Guy didn't sleep last night so hoping tonight we can all get sleep.  Much more to share but been very busy lately.  Maybe it will slow down soon but doubt it.

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