Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Manic Monday

Boy, these days just get away from us all.  It is Tuesday.  I'm a day late.  I try.  Here goes:

  • Painting our red school room a bluish gray
  • Testing kids this week for homeschool
  • Buying curriculums for next year
  • Getting next year's school year way better organized than this last semester 
  • Going to do a little homeschool over summer (not a lot but some)
  • Ready to go swimming again
  • Looking into local sports for kids
  • Picking up a kid that's been gone for a week
  • Digby's eye is better
  • Family may come for a visit
  • Girls need new bathing suits
  • Little Guy still not sleep much again
  • Transferring docs to one locally
  • Need to do our monthly shopping
  • Looking for mattress deals for some of our kids
  • Cancelled Alex's neuro appt.
  • May have guests coming over
  • Warren is looking at cars -- at some point, we are unfortunately going to need a new one (sucks b/c this one is PAID for)
  • Bojan and Little Guy will be going to prosthetist to get new legs/ SMO's.  
  • Looking forward to a reunion trip in June
More going on but need to get back to painting this room.  We need all primer done this evening so painting can happen tomorrow.  Three more kids need to do end of year testing tomorrow.  3 did it today.  Hate it for the ones who can't do it.  I mean what is the point of testing them?  Summer can't read.  At all.  Has to read test questions.  I'll read them to her but it literally will be just a guess.  I hate that.  Same with Nik.  Though he is starting to read, it is just starting so not capable of answering questions quite yet.   Hate being required to give tests that the kids simply can't do.  Did they learn this year?  YES!  On they on grade level?  NO.  I feel it was fantastic for Nik to know how to start reading (really, really reading) and doing basic multiplication.  Just feeling bummed I believe.  Over soon enough and onto other things.

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