Sunday, June 21, 2015

Life Lessons

  1. Don't forget to shut the windows in the RV.  Otherwise, you will be running out a 1am during a severe thunderstorm to go shut them.  
  2. Don't ask why your child is naked.  You won't want to know the answer.
  3. Don't let the child who is notariously clumsy for everything paint.  Just don't do it.  My ceiling looks like it has specs of mold on it now.  It doesn't.  It's paint.  Was the ceiling supposed to have paint on it?  No.  
  4. You  have a little one, get a rubber mat for the carseat.  Just do it!  Upset stomach and car rides don't mix.  Just saying.  Diaper explosion is why we have rubber flooring throughout our 
  5. Sometimes, your children imitating you is not a good lesson.  Like when Sofie watched me refill the printer paper.  Unbeknownst to me, she then filled it herself with those paper tablets that are glued at the top.  No, it doesn't feel through the printer well just so you know.  
    6.  Don't let little ones help you organize the cleaning pantry.  Inevitably, they will spray  Lysol      in      your face. 

  1. If you have a favorite item that you use, inevitably, it will get broken.  

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